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Breakfast is included.
Our hotel is not suitable for pets.


Historical Heritage, Contemporary Comfort

Built in 1841, Siyah Lale offers its guests the spirit of its historical heritage, while offering all the comforts of modern life.



Take a journey through time via historical details whilst indulging in modern comfort.



Rahmi M. Koç Museum

The Rahmi M. Koç Museum, located in the Church of Taxiarches, exhibits a wide collection ranging from baby carriages to industrial steam models.

Cunda Antique Bazaar

Held on Saturdays, The Antique Bazaar offers handicraft products, traditional souvenirs and local delicacies.

Taş Kahve

As old as the Siyah Lale, Taş Kahve is the oldest coffee house in Cunda with its authentic atmosphere and traditional coffee varieties.

Historic Windmills

Located at Lovers Hill in Cunda are 3 windmills built in the 1600s. Today, 2 of them have been restored by the Turkish family Koç Group. 

Lovers Hill


Lovers Hill, where Sevim and Necdet City Library, one of the historical Windmills, is located, is worth exploring with its breathtaking view.

Sevim and Necdet Kent Library

The Sevim and Necdet Kent Library, located on Lovers Hill, is a cultural heritage which houses 1300+ books and offers a magnificent view.



The hotel had a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It was very clean, breakfast was delicious. Host went above and beyond to make us feel at home. 
  • What is a Unique Accommodation Facility designated by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism?
    Unique accommodation facilities are qualified facilities that contribute to the country's tourism and are deemed appropriate to be supported by the Ministry of Turkey, and that have at least one of the following characteristics in terms of their structure or region: a) Architectural originality. b) Historical value. c) Natural feature. d) Building, furnishing or decoration reflecting local, national or other national cultures. (2) In unique accommodation facilities, qualified service must be provided by experienced, trained or certified personnel of at least twenty per cent of the total bed capacity. (3) Unique accommodation facilities shall meet the minimum qualifications specified for tourism facilities and accommodation facilities in this Regulation. In businesses located in immovable cultural assets that need to be protected, these qualities are evaluated according to the characteristics of the building. Siyah Lale Cunda 1841 is a Unique Accommodation Facility. Source: Mevzuat Bilgi sistemi. Cumhurbaşkanlığı Forsu. (n.d.).,c)%20Do%C4%9Faya%20ait%20%C3%B6zellik
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