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Historical Heritage, Contemporary Comfort.

The Story

Built in 1841, Siyah Lale, which was brought to life by restoring the historical mansion built in 1841 by being faithful to the period architecture, offers its guests the spirit of the period it belongs to, while offering all the comforts of modern life with elegant touches.

Our hotel is a Private Accommodation Facility approved by the Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Culture and Tourism due to being a historical monument.


Siyah Lale

At some point in its 180+ year history, in the early 40s, a part of the building was used as a bakery.

The family with 10 children would bake bread in the house, and the village would queue up in front of this historic building.

As a solution to the financial difficulties of looking after 10 children, the family also rented out the rooms of the mansion.


With this feature, Siyah Lale has the privilege of being one of the first lodgings in Cunda.

Ünal Sabuncu

Hotel Owner and Manager

I have focused my 40+ years of experience as a manager in the tourism sector on a historical boutique mansion in Cunda

that I fell in love with.

With more than 180 years of history, the mansion, that fascinates me with its unique aura that is as rare as a black tulip, has been renovated to offer you the highest comfort and service while preserving its historical spirit. 

My only wish is for our guests to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation in Siyah Lale and to protect the historical heritage of our country. 

Yours sincerely,
Ünal Sabuncu

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