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Exploring Cunda Island: A Hidden Gem in the Aegean Sea

Updated: Feb 21

Cunda Island is situated in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea and is renowned for its historical and natural attractions. Let’s embark on a historical journey through the island, which continues to fascinate its visitors with its glorious history and stunning views.

Origins of the Island and Ancient Period: The history of Cunda Island dates back to ancient times. In ancient times, the island was called "Moschonisia". Cities belonging to the Hellenistic period lived around the island and the excavations show that olive oil production was an important industry in ancient times.

Byzantine Period: During the Byzantine Empire, Cunda Island held a significant strategic importance. The island served as the hub of maritime trade and defense for the Byzantines. Numerous churches and monasteries were constructed during this era, and some of them remain standing today. These structures help to preserve the island's historical fabric.

Ottoman Period: In the 15th century, Cunda Island came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire and became famous for olive oil production and trade. During the Ottoman period, the island was filled with beautiful villages and historical houses surrounded by olive groves. These houses have been preserved until today as stone structures reflecting the traditional architecture of the island.

Greek Population and the Population Exchange: Throughout history, Cunda Island was renowned for its Greek population. However, due to the population exchange in 1923, the Greeks were forced to leave the island, resulting in many Greek houses being abandoned. As a result, the demographic structure of Cunda Island has changed significantly.

Cultural Heritage: Cunda Island has a fascinating atmosphere with its historical and cultural heritage. The island is home to several significant structures including Taxiarchis Church, Moonlight Monastery, and Hamidiye Mosque which provide visitors with an experience intertwined with history. While strolling along the narrow streets of the island, one can also catch a glimpse of traditional Greek houses and stone buildings.

Cunda Island is a distinctive destination located in the Aegean Sea, known for its historical charm and natural beauty. It attracts vacationers with its unique beaches, delicious seafood and magnificent sunset views. The historical richness and cultural texture of the island offer visitors an unforgettable experience.

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